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Hearken, I bring the first ever Flying Spaghetti Monsterism hymn!

As written and performed by the excellent and admirable cadhla, may His Noodliness smile upon her.

The Old Holy Sauce
ttto "The Old Rugged Cross" fka "Stone Dance"
by (in no order) Seanan McGuire, Pat Connors, Jenny Aronson and Mark Horning

On a stove far away sits a pan of good sauce
Tomatoes and spices and wine
And I love that good sauce over pasta just right
A meal that is simply divine

So we'll heat up the old holy sauce
As the flames of the hearth have died down
We'll ingest, make a mess, then we'll clean
And with cold beer we'll wash it all down

It's the sign of our faith in the pasta so fine
Creator of all time and space
As we clean off our plates and we drink our red wine
Blessed by his noodl-ey grace

So we'll heat up the old holy sauce... (etc)

Well, our Lord has decreed that the seas should stay cold
For pirates don't like to be boiled
If we warm up the globe, then his wrath shall be great
And our Karma will surely be spoiled

So we'll heat up the old holy sauce... (etc)

When we pass from this world to the heaven beyond
Free from all trouble and fear
In piratical garb, blessed for all time
By volcano that speweth forth beer

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